All About Simha

  • Artist: Simha
  • Genre: Pop
  • Total Albums: 5
  • Total Songs: 50+

Short Biography:

Music Albums of Simha

Roar EP
Simha EP
Andhagadu Aata Kochade From Andhhagadu Single
  • Andhagadu Aata Kochade From Andhhagadu Single
  • Sekhar Chandra Simha Geetha Madhuri
Ayyappa Saranam Single
  • Ayyappa Saranam Single
  • Suresh Babu Deepu Simha
Hanuman feat Simha Single

Top Songs by Simha:

Cafe del Mar - Balearic Grooves
Small Night Orchestra by Simha
Tej I Love You (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - EP
Happy Happy Family by Simha
Roar - EP
The Fifth Note feat Matchless Gift AZitiZ by Simha
Roar - EP
Dead Emcees feat AZitiZ by Simha
Roar - EP
Freedom feat Matchless Gift Social Change by Simha
Roar - EP
The Number by Simha
Andhagadu Aata Kochade (From
Andhagadu Aata Kochade From Andhhagadu by Sekhar Chandra Simha Geetha Madhuri
Speedunnodu (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Hollywood Hero Lekka by Simha Geetha Madhuri
Kick 2 & Other Hits
Kick From Kick 2 by Simha Spoorthi Y
Hanuman (feat. Simha) - Single
Hanuman feat Simha by AZitiZ
Cinema Chupista Mama (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - EP
Mama O Chandamama by Simha
Rough (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Edukondala Venkata Simha by Simha Sravana Bhargavi
Prementha Panichese Narayana (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - EP
Harilo Ranga Hari by Simha Teju Priya
Andhhagadu (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - EP
Andhagaadu Aatakochade by Simha Geetha Madhuri
Nenu Seethadevi (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - EP
Padipoyinatte Mava by Simha
Errabus (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - EP
Om Namo Namo by Simha
Crestone Rocks - EP
No Toleration by Simha
Simha - EP
Essence essentiel by Simha
Simha - EP
Que j aille en enfer by Simha
Simha - EP
Je n aimerais point by Simha
Andaru Dongale (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Gumma Gumma by Simha
Veedu Teda (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - EP
Prema Prema by Simha
Mugguru (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - EP
Jillele Jillele by Srikanth Simha
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