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  • Artist: Sujatha
  • Genre: World
  • Total Albums: 50
  • Total Songs: 50+

Short Biography:

Music Albums of Sujatha

Favourite Nursery Rhymes
Meera Kahe
Krishna Hare Jaya
  • Krishna Hare Jaya
  • P Jaya Chandran Sujatha Pavithra
Vietnam Colony
  • Vietnam Colony
  • K J Yesudas Minmini Kalyani Menon Sujatha
Vaikunta Vaasaa
  • Vaikunta Vaasaa
  • P Unnikrishnan Sujatha Ganga
Devimandram Vol 2
  • Devimandram Vol 2
  • Radhika Thilak Sujatha
Hits of Sujatha
Pushpabhishekam Vol 3
  • Pushpabhishekam Vol 3
  • M G Sreekumar Sujatha
Sujatha Hits at Sirpi Music
  • Sujatha Hits at Sirpi Music
  • Sujatha
Chithra and Sujatha Hits
  • Chithra and Sujatha Hits
  • Chitra Sujatha
Sadhana Sargam and Sujatha Hits
  • Sadhana Sargam and Sujatha Hits
  • Sadhana Sargam Sujatha
Sujatha Hits at Vidyasagar Music
  • Sujatha Hits at Vidyasagar Music
  • Sujatha
  • Thankanilavu
  • M G Sreekumar Sujatha
Theertham Vol 2
  • Theertham Vol 2
  • P Jayachandran Madhu Balakrishnan Sujatha Praveen Sreenivasan
Shanmugha Priya
Ente Amma Vol 3
  • Ente Amma Vol 3
  • P Jayachandran Biju Narayanan Sujatha
Ente Lalithaganagal
  • Ente Lalithaganagal
  • M G Sreekumar Sujatha
Nadodi Nrithaganagal Vol 1
  • Nadodi Nrithaganagal Vol 1
  • Peter Sujatha Ganesh
Aasritha Valsale Amme
  • Aasritha Valsale Amme
  • M G Sreekumar O K Ravisankar Bhavana Radhakrishnan Sujatha
  • Aarathana
  • P Jayachandran Sujatha Biju Narayanan M G Sreekumar
  • Ashtagandam
  • Ganesh Sundaram Madhu Balakrishnan Sujatha Gayathri Asokan
  • Ashttamithinkal
  • P Jayachandran Sujatha Nadam Sreekumar M G Sreekumar
  • Archanam
  • Madhu Balakrishnan Sujatha
Chithravarna Theru Single
  • Chithravarna Theru Single
  • Chitra Sunilkumar Sujatha
Devi Mahathmyam
  • Devi Mahathmyam
  • Madhu Balakrishnan Swetha Manjari Sujatha
  • Shravanachandrika
  • M G Sreekumar Bharat Lal Sujatha
  • Poonkottamma
  • Madhu Balakrishnan Sujatha
  • Pranamam
  • Madhu Balakrishnan Sujatha P Jayachandran Radhika Thilak
The Learning Train
  • The Learning Train
  • Sujatha Janaki Sabesh
Srinivasa Suprabhatha Suprabhatha
  • Srinivasa Suprabhatha Suprabhatha
  • R Sindhu Sujatha
Mercara EP
  • Mercara EP
  • M G Sreekumar Chitra Sujatha
Roses in December Single
  • Roses in December Single
  • Sujatha G Venugopal
Kulasai Amman EP
Favourite Nursery Rhymes
  • Favourite Nursery Rhymes
  • Sujatha Janaki Sabesh
Devimandram Vol 4
  • Devimandram Vol 4
  • Sujatha Radhika Thilak
Devi Saranam
Nadodi Gaanangal
  • Nadodi Gaanangal
  • Gourisankar Sujatha
Kristhuva Kudumbam Vol 9
  • Kristhuva Kudumbam Vol 9
  • Jollee Abraham Sujatha
  • Sandhyanamam
  • Kalyani Menon Sujatha
Sujatha Hits
  • Thanneerkoda
  • Vanamali Das Sujatha Swetha Mohan
Album Hits of Sujatha
Ormakal Vol 3
  • Ormakal Vol 3
  • Arundhathi M G Sreekumar Sujatha

Top Songs by Sujatha:

Minsara Kanavu (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Poo Pookkum Osai Adhai by Sujatha
Roja (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Pudhu Vellai Mazhai by Unni Menon Sujatha
Pukar (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Hai Jaana Hai Jaana by Sujatha
Favourite Nursery Rhymes
Old Mcdonald by Sujatha
Favourite Nursery Rhymes
One Little Two Little Indians by Sujatha
Jhonny (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - EP
Oru Iniya Manathu by Sujatha
Poovukkul From Jeans by Unnikrishan Sujatha
1998 A. R. Rahman Hits Songs
Poovukkul From Jeans by Unnikrishan Sujatha
Favourite Nursery Rhymes
Alphabet Songs by Sujatha
Manichitrathazhu (Orginal Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Oru Murai Sujatha by Sujatha
Malayalam Movie Romantic Collections
Manikinavin Kothumbuvallam From Pokkiriraja by K J Yesudas Sujatha
Taj Mahal (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Sotta Sotta by Sujatha
Chithram (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Doore Kizhakudhikkum by Sujatha M G Sreekumar
Indian Radio Hitz
Ishq Bina From Taal feat Sonu Nigam Anuradha Sriram by Sujatha
Hits of A.R.Rahman Nenjame
Poovukkul From Jeans by Unnikrishan Sujatha
Favourite Nursery Rhymes
He Has Got the Whole World by Sujatha
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